Who is

Shae is a member of the musical family at the KFM record label.

     A native Detroiter, Shae was always interested in music and writing.  At a very young age she remembers listening to jazz, R & B and rock and roll and dancing around the house dreaming of being an entertainer.  Shae was encouraged by her father to play the piano and violin.


     She joined a Glee Club and church choir.  It was then she traveled under the direction of her favorite Choir Director, Helen Moore.  Shae feels it’s a blessing and a gift to share her stories and her truth with the world.


Shae’s music style is influenced by many artists, Meshell Ndegeocello, Sarah Vaughan and Gil Scott-Heron to name a few.  She feels now is the time to begin the next phase of her life with her poetic musical career.

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